3 Row Corn Harvester (4YZP-3L)

  • Model NO.: 4YZP-3L
  • Application: Corn
  • Harvest method: Picking
  • Transmission: Hard Shaft
  • Color: Red
  • Rows: 3
  • Transport Package: in Contaienr
  • Origin: Shandong
  • Type: Horizontal Cut Harvester
  • Power Source: Diesel
  • Drive Type: Gear Drive
  • Certification: QS, ISO9001:2008
  • Application Field: Agriculture
  • Trademark: SH
  • Specification: QC
  • HS Code: 8433510090
QINGDAO XCMG CO.,LTD AGRO Produce the best harvester machines in China.
3 Row Corn Harvester (4YZP-3L)
3 Row Corn Harvester (4YZP-3L)
3 Row Corn Harvester (4YZP-3L)
3 Row Corn Harvester (4YZP-3L)
3 Row Corn Harvester (4YZP-3L)

Main Features:

1.Self-propelled machine, hydraulic stepless speed adjustment.
2.Hydraulic control lifting, good suitability of height and row spacing.
3.Huge grain tank, hydraulic turning, high efficiency and corn onion machine can save your more time as an optional part.
4.Compact structure, advantages of agility, lower loss and impurities.
5.Stalk cutting back to the field meets customer's requirements.
6.Equipped with reversing radar, improve the driving safety.

Machine Specifications
NO Items Unit  
1 Model Specifications   4YZP-3L
2 Structure type   Harvesting, Self-propelled
3 Matching engine manufacturer   Quancai engine company
Model   4D2-110U32
Rated power kW 83
Rated speed r/min 2400
Cylinder number piece 4
4 Dimensions(length*width*height) mm 6080X2150X3100
5 Operation weight kg 4700
6 Working rows row 3
7 Suitable rows width mm 550~650
8 Working width mm 1860
9 The maximum height
of ear discharge
mm 1880
10 Ear bucket maximum elevating height mm 3100
11 Minimum ground clearance mm 280
12 The minimum pass radius Turn left mm 5600
Turn right 5700
13 Theory of operating speed km/h 2.5~5.0
14 productivity hm2/h 0.5~0.9
15 Fuel consumption kg/hm2 ≤30
16 Pull the stem roller type   Hexagonal formula
17 Snapping roll type   Harvesting + hexagonal plate-type pull stalk roll
18 Peeling Roller type   /
19 Cutter type   /
20 Trough Type   plate
Location   Right side of the driver
21 Gravure screen type   /
22 Gear box type   Hydraulic auto gear + mechanical type
23 Tread guide wheel mm 1700
Driving Wheels 1750
24 Tire guide wheel   6.00-16
Driving wheel   9.50-16
25 Straw shredder mechanism type   Rotary blade
Model   1JH-170






Theoretical speed
Gear Speed   km/h
1 0~3.2
2 2~6.4
3 5-11
4 10-25
Note: The corn harvest job stalls for the 1,2 file, according to the specific crop situation to determine the specific harvest walking speed.

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