Chinese Academy of Sciences and Asia Development "Intelligent Drilling System" Improves China's Oil and Gas Production

[China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development] The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced on July 18 that researchers will develop the “Intelligent Drilling System” with China’s independent intellectual property rights, and achieve “precision”, “precision” and “very accurate” formation. Deep 6,000 meters of oil and gas resource development technology solutions. The system is expected to crack the deep oil and gas exploration and development challenges in the future, and greatly increase China's oil and gas production.

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The reporter learned from the major Scientific and Technological Affairs Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the “Study on Intelligent Guided Drilling Technology Equipment System and Related Theory” of the Class A Strategic Pilot Science and Technology Project initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the 18th was initiated by the Institute of Earth Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Leading and uniting multiple unit systems to carry out research on key issues, it is expected that breakthroughs will be made in the deep-to-deep strategic constituency of typical basins such as Sichuan and Tarim, and 5 to 6 “billion ton-class” favorable areas will be selected to determine 2 to 3 “thousands” 10,000-ton exploration target.
It is not easy for heaven and it is difficult to get into the ground. The geological environment in the deep part of the earth is complex, the engineering environment is harsh, and the positioning accuracy is very demanding. It is a world-class problem to develop the thin oil and gas layer in the depth of 6,000 meters below the ground. The special chief scientist Wang Zili said that this research aims to overcome the smart guide drilling technology, support China’s deep oil and gas and geothermal energy exploration and development in the next 20 years, and provide core technologies for future unconventional oil and gas and overseas oil and gas exploration and development, and support deep minerals at the same time. And underground space development.
It is understood that China's existing main oilfield reserves are insufficient, but the potential for deep oil and natural gas resources is huge, accounting for 52% and 28% of the total geological resources, which may become the future energy breakthrough. However, exploration and development of deep-to-super deep oil and gas resources are facing major scientific difficulties and technical bottlenecks. Take key technology horizontal wells as an example, relevant core equipment is still monopolized by several large foreign oilfield service companies.
"Intelligent Guided Drilling" pilot project will proceed from the deep oil geology theory, supplemented by high-precision oil storage characterization, using a precision drilling-oriented geological guidance system as a means to achieve deep drilling intelligent "cruise" through the new rotary steerable drilling tools. The special project intends to reveal the underlying formation mechanism of oil and gas through theoretical innovation and technological research, establish a deep oil and gas resource distribution prediction theory, and develop an “Intelligent Drilling System” with China’s independent intellectual property rights.
Wang Zili said that the intelligent drilling technology and equipment system integrates petroleum geology theory, geophysical exploration, and exploration and development technologies, and integrates high-end technologies such as sensing, transmission, control, and precision manufacturing to reflect the technological innovation level of a country. High-end manufacturing level. Conquering the intelligent drilling technology and equipment system and related theories will help China seize the strategic commanding height of the future energy revolution.
(Original title: Aiming at underground 6000 meters of oil and gas resources

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