Syngas from coal-based multi-component slurry increases production and reduces pollution

By the end of March this year, the first domestic synthesis gas production unit that changed raw materials for heavy oil to coal water slurry had passed a one-year operation test at Zhejiang Juhua Synthetic Ammonia Plant. According to the latest statistics, the production cost of the gasification plant is reduced by 50%, and the production of synthetic ammonia is increased by 24%. The annual “digestion” of industrial wastewater is nearly 30,000 tons. The development of the coal-based multicomponent slurry instead of heavy oil to syngas industrialization technology not only completely changed the device raw material route, but also enabled the gasification wastewater to be fully recycled, with outstanding energy-saving and emission-reduction effects, and could provide reference for similar enterprises.

According to the current national "coal substitute oil" energy development strategy, chemical companies are accelerating the use of advanced, environmentally friendly alternative technologies to eliminate backward production capacity. In recent years, some companies in China have introduced Texaco technology in their entirety, which costs as much as 150 million yuan. In view of the high investment costs for the current introduction of coal-water slurry technology and the fact that there is no domestic conversion of oil-based feedstocks to coal-water-slurry production facilities, Juhua Synthetic Ammonia Plant invested more than RMB 20 million to implement coal-water-slurry on oil and gasification facilities. Gasification transformation. They developed petroleum coke and coal mixed preparation, and gradually transitioned to the raw material route of the whole coal, formed its own coal-based multi-component slurry instead of heavy oil to syngas industrialization technology, and achieved raw material substitution.

It is understood that this technology is the first in China. In the process of innovation, Juhua Synthetic Ammonia Plant implemented eight technical bottlenecks for the transportation of coal water slurry and slurry nozzles, and implemented 14 technological transformations and eight technological innovations for the gasifier, and achieved a series of breakthrough results. Due to the uneven quality of bituminous coal, which is suitable for the outstanding problems such as limited coal types in gasifier installations, the plant is properly blended with certain proportions of burned coal, and the gas is optimized in terms of stability of slurry moisture, selection of proper oxygen ratio, and strengthening of driving control. The process operation can overcome the shortcomings of the coal-water slurry gasification technology, so that the coal consumption can be controlled within a reasonable range, and finally the coal-water slurry gasification technology reform will be successful.

According to reports, the industrialized technology has developed a number of new technologies such as the new process of solidification and slagging of coal-water slurry gasification and the heat preservation system for gasifiers, such as a detachable quench chamber, which not only facilitates overhaul and maintenance, but also judges production conditions. And it reduced equipment manufacturing costs by 30%. At the same time, the plant's designed closed-cycle sewage recycling plant not only enables full recycling of gasified sewage, but also digests 70 tons of imported organic wastewater every day. The environmental protection technology of the plant has reached the domestic advanced level of similar technologies.

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