Technical Articles: Water ring vacuum pump working principle introduction

Water ring pump wheel rotation in the pump body formed when the water ring and studio. Water ring and the working wheel form a crescent-shaped space. Right half of the crescent-shaped volume from small to large, forming a suction chamber. The left half of the crescent-shaped volume from larger to smaller, constitute the compression process (equivalent to the exhaust chamber). Exhaust gas from the intake pipe and intake into the suction chamber. Rotor further rotation, the gas is compressed, through the exhaust port and the exhaust pipe . Exhaust gases and water droplets from the exhaust pipe into the tank , then the gas separated from the water, the gas pipelines to the atmosphere, the water from the tank into the pump, or discharged to the drainage pipe 11.

Water ring pump compression ratio by the suction end of the pump position and the exhaust port to determine the starting position. Since the end of the suction port determines the volume of gas sucked in by the suction chamber, the starting position of the vent determines the volume of compressed gas during venting. For a water ring pump that has been dimensioned, the compression ratio can be found.

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