National III Emission Standard Implements Car Manufacturers to Turn Around and Open Energy Saving Brands

“Before the National III emission standards, we once again introduced three models of fuel-efficient eco-friendly models to the auto market.” Recently, the reporter learned from Foton Motor that after the country has comprehensively increased the emission standards of motor vehicles, the national auto companies have adopted technological improvements and started to take advantage of the situation. Create energy saving and environmental protection cards.
It is reported that due to the imperative of knowing that the implementation of the National III standard is imperative, many domestic manufacturers such as Dongfeng, China National Heavy Duty Truck, China FAW Group and Jiangling Motors have adopted various forms of technical solutions in the emission of vehicles. This is an energy-saving and environmental protection brand to attract more consumers.
To cater to the trend, many manufacturers have begun to shift their focus to energy-saving products. For example, Foton Motor quickly introduced three new fuel-efficient cars to the market in the middle of last month. Among them, Foton's Sapu Smart Saver introduced the power vanguard 4JB1T. Electronically controlled high-pressure common-rail engine, both power and fuel-efficient performance are outstanding; and Sapu new fuel-saving king, and the classic fuel-efficient king are matched with Nissan 4Di classic power, fuel consumption is only 5.7 liters per hundred kilometers, fuel consumption decreased more than 25 %, and does not pick oil products to achieve the country III emissions.
Analysts pointed out that the implementation of the National III emission standards is conducive to the country's upgrading of the automotive industry, but also put forward higher requirements for the domestic commercial vehicle industry. "The improvement of emission standards will, from an industry perspective, promote more manufacturers to participate in the corresponding technology research and development."

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