Shaanxi Auto Strengthens Heavy Trucks with New Energy-oriented

Since the beginning of the new century, Shaanxi Auto has begun to emphasize the development of new energy heavy trucks. In April of this year, Shaanxi Automobile Group took the “1st” appearance in the Shanghai Auto Show. "The heavy truck new energy research and development and application laboratory and research project" was formally signed; at the same time, "Shaanxi Steam Heavy Truck Green Declaration" was officially launched at the press conference.

Not long ago, after experiencing the DeLong F3000, this reporter visited the headquarters of the Shaanxi Automobile Group and learned about the development of Shaanxi Auto's new energy truck and the production and sales situation in the first half of the year from Mr. Liu Keqiang, Marketing Manager of Shaanxi Auto.

Basically achieve the desired goal

Mr. Liu said: The start of the heavy truck market for Shaanxi Auto in this year started from February and sold only 400 vehicles in January. In China, the demand for commercial vehicles in the northwest and southwest has increased significantly. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, investment in the west is much higher than that in the east, so the demand for local dump trucks will increase. In contrast, sales in the coastal areas such as East China and South China fell significantly. The 75,000 target set by Mr. Yuan Hongming, general manager of Shaanqi Group, has completed well so far. Under the stimulation of the “4 trillion yuan policy” from the country, a total of 27,000 vehicles were sold from January to May.

Another reason for the increase in sales volume of Shaanxi Auto was the increase in export volume. Mr. Liu used the latecomers to come up and described the export of Shaanxi Auto. The data from January to April this year showed that Shaanxi Auto's exports had reached 5,000. Mr. Liu said that Shaanxi Automobile's export vehicle is not a one-stroke deal, which is due to the company's work in foreign service networks and parts supply in previous years. In addition, the export vehicle may encounter the problem that the supply of spare parts can not keep up, but Shaanxi Auto has taken precautions to send some of the wearing parts to the local area in advance to make preparations in advance, rather than passive services. Although the cost of export vehicles is relatively high, the revenue is relatively high. China's heavy trucks still have price advantages compared with foreign brands.

Shaanxi Automobile Group's goal is to strengthen heavy trucks with new energy as the guide, and to expand commercial vehicles. The diversified development in the field of commercial vehicles can increase the company's ability to resist risks. Shaanxi Automobile currently uses Xi'an and Baoji as its main production bases, and other regions have more special-purpose vehicle production bases. It is expected that by 2012, it will be able to achieve 10 holdings nationwide and share 20 special-purpose vehicle companies.

Pay attention to the promotion of new energy heavy trucks

New energy holds a pivotal position in Shaanxi Auto. In 2003, Shaanxi Auto's new energy plan was launched. It is the first company in China to undertake the national 863 project on heavy-duty LNG commercial vehicle product development projects. Shaanxi Auto launched the first natural gas tractor in 2005.

At present, Shaanxi Auto has jointly cooperated with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Chang'an University, and some suppliers and customers to develop new energy heavy trucks based on long-term strategic cooperation. Shaanxi Auto enjoys patents on key technologies such as gas tank manufacturing process and control valves. Shaanxi Automobile's new energy target is to plan that natural gas vehicles in 2012 will not be less than 5% of total sales. Mr. Liu, for example, said that the cost of a natural gas vehicle is about RMB 100,000 more expensive than that of a diesel vehicle. However, due to the fact that the cost of refueling is nearly half that of refueling (Xi'an Market), users can recover their costs in one year.

Shaanxi Automobile not only adopted new energy heavy trucks, but also devoted great efforts to lightweighting trucks. In June last year, it launched three trucks that are 500 to 800kg lighter than ordinary heavy trucks. High-strength materials have been used on the girders and saddles. Its main focus is on the standard loading market.

Doing service marketing is the key

Shaanxi Steam's service marketing concept can be divided into three phases. The first stage was when the company had just separated from Chongqi, and the company focused on establishing a service network that was not perfect at the time. In 2001, the company registered the industry's first "intimate service brand". Later, Shaanxi Automobile also cooperated with service stations such as Weichai and Fast, and had a total of 3,900 service stations. The second stage began in 2006. Shaanxi Automobile's sales volume has begun to take shape, gradually formed the gold supply chain system and the Big S service project, and established a joint call center to improve service efficiency. During the period, the company used a large amount of funds to provide service stations with service vehicles. The third stage is from this year, Shaanxi Automobile advocates service-oriented manufacturing, not only to improve the level of after-sales service, but also to require higher levels of service from dealers and refitting plants. Shaanxi Steam has always been concerned about the service, determined to build a service marketing brand, so that the best quality and best service. Mr. Liu said that through the implementation of the next few years, Shaanxi Automobile's service brands will have higher gold content.

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