NYM Marine Coatings Introduces New X-mile Low Friction Antifouling Paint

Not long ago, Japan’s MOL’s “Merchant Mitsui Creation” round successfully arrived at the Zhongxing Industrial Changxing Shipyard Terminal and began a half-month repair. The main project of the ship is to dock the hull paint. The paint, called X-mile low-friction antifouling paint, is a new and special paint that takes 10 days to dock.

X-mile is a new type of silyl antifouling paint developed by NYM Marine Coatings Co., Ltd., which has lower friction resistance, better anti-cracking performance, longer lasting antifouling performance, and self-hydrolysis reaction. Polished, harmless to the environment. In the requirements of the equipment, the paint tube is brand new, and the nozzle is brought by the shipowner from Japan. When painting, since the surface of the paint is cleaned between the two paints, the painting time is longer than ordinary paint. The average paint is usually about 2 hours, while the X-mile takes 4-5 hours, and the drying interval between the two paints is 8-10 hours. The last time the paint is separated from the dock is required to be separated. 84 hours. In the case of the continued sluggish shipping market, shipowners are increasingly demanding paint. As a paint with higher performance and environmental protection, it will be more favored by ship owners and used in docking time. Ordinary paints require longer, which is a new topic for the shipyard's traditional dock.

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