Performance Analysis of Jinan Shanding SD08E Mini Excavator

Jinan Shanding SD8E mini excavator, engine model: Yanmar 2TNV70-PNN, the whole machine weighs less than 900 kg, width 82 cm, with characteristic performance and comfort.


Jinan Shanding SD08E mini excavator has a stunning configuration, imported Yanmar engine, imported Italian Nabtesco multi-way valve, Brevini's travel motor, Cornell's reducer, its configuration determines this small excavation The performance of the machine is also unique, and has become the "little princess" in the small excavator industry.


Jinan Shanding small excavator has the advantages of small size, light weight, good transportation, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, strong flexibility and wide adaptability. It is suitable for small earthwork, municipal engineering, landscaping, agricultural orchard planting, indoor construction. The construction of narrow space construction sites such as concrete crushing has become an ideal equipment for earthwork applications, and the demand of users has been expanding.

Jinan Shanding SD08E small excavator performance analysis (this article comes from Shanding Machinery)

It is suitable for the cleaning, impurity removal and transportation of stem vegetables, fruits, and Chinese herbal medicines. It replaces the heavy manual labor and realizes the mechanization of agricultural products.

The mian body is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the national food export standards. The washing machine adopts high-pressure spray cleaning, which has large cleaning ability, high washing rate and no damage to materials. It is especially suitable for delicate fruits and vegetables, jujube, date palm, golden silk jujube, apple, orange, ginger and so on.

Our Advantages of Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine:

1. The Fruit Washing Machine is with water circulation pump so the water saving effect is remarkable. Also it has the filter function to keep the water clean.

2. Different lifting structures can also be made according to different materials.

3. Our machine's working speed is more stable.

Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

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